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Thanks to Lismar for banner =)))

Draw Jared Week is officially closed!

Dear participants and watchers, we are truly grateful for your amazing works, comments and the great pleasure we have had this week due to all of you. As a result we have 84 different Jareds and Sams, and that is a hell good result! Thank you for staying with us!

Despite the official end of Draw Jared Week, the community stays open for posting, so you could post and PR your NEW Jared (Sam) drawings here.

And we're glad to announce the Draw Jensen project! It's modded by usarechanand going to take place here. Up to October 14th you are welcome to submit there your art!

Good luck and see you at the Draw Jensen project =)




by vongue aka Revolution4u


by красный шапк aka bloodyhat





by kana_go


by maiamo



by leilanaice


by Airbat


by Willow